Carl Palmeri

Not the CEO

Details about Carl are a little sketchy. The story goes that when he was born, the elders of his family gathered, and prophesied that he would drive a bus. As a child, he believed the prophecy, until the day his mother smuggled home a Springsteen cassette and a yard sale guitar.  

From that moment, he fled from that destiny. Along the way he created and ran a skate shop, began navigating parenthood, served 7 years as Secretary of a 165 year old non-profit organization, and (inexplicably, to people that have only seen him looking like a half-shaved Sasquatch) spent 15 years as a funeral director, before retiring that position in March 2020.

All along his strange road, playing music has been a constant, leading to his co-founding the Cody Templeton Band as a multi-instrumentalist in 2018. Through his work with behind the scenes managing the band, as well as working in production support at a number of venues, he's joined EVE in a variety of roles. In addition, he works as a PA licensed Realtor, but we think he's just trying to appear "normal".