Carl Palmeri

Not the CEO

Details about Carl are sketchy, at best. The story goes that when he was born, his family gathered and prophesied that he would drive a bus. As a child he believed it, until the day his mother smuggled home a Springsteen cassette and a yard sale guitar and from that moment, he fled from his previous fate.

All along his strange road, playing music has been a constant, leading to his co-founding the Cody Templeton Band as a multi-instrumentalist in 2018-2023. Through his work with behind the scenes managing the band, as well as working in production support at a number of venues, he's joined EVE in a variety of roles.  Currently, he's a multi-instrumentalist for Littlebird and The Bad Eggs, as well as guitarist for Lilly Moss & the Steel Ponies.  In addition, he's on the Music Committee for the Bell Tower Cultural Center in his hometown of Martins Creek, and works as a PA licensed Realtor, but we think he's just making an effort to appear "normal".   

Shelby Myers

Graphic Design, also not the CEO

Once upon a time, Shelby and Carl became friends working at the former One Centre Square in Easton, PA, where they bonded over the tortures of modern-day society and shared appreciation for cookies. With a background in head banging and media production (and being unable to join the mafia) it only made sense for Shelby to pursue designing visual media for the music scene, including show admats for national acts such as Tyler Braden, Dillon Carmichael, and Jon Langston. When Shelby’s not creating wicked designs and/or crushing the patriarchy, she can be found falling down a true crime rabbit hole, or critiquing the mix at your local show. 

Emily Broski

Community liaison

With her background as a realtor in both NJ and PA, Emily excels at building relationships, a key quality for a Community Liaison. She blends entrepreneurial experience, a lifelong passion for music, and a commitment to community engagement to bridge our agency with every municipality and organization we work with, making some noise and memories together. Beyond work, she’s dedicated to giving back, volunteering, and organizing fundraisers, and just as serious about having fun and living life to the fullest, whether its attending concerts or exploring new cultural experiences.

Caleb Condel

Admin Assistant, Gen Z translator

Caleb was born with music in his blood. Starting on his dad’s drums as soon as he could hold sticks, he’s been performing since childhood, and is at the start of a lifelong exploration of every corner of the music business and technology’s role within it. He assists with all things internet at Earth Vibrations Entertainment, as well as a growing list of real-world tasks.