The world is full of same-old-same-old cover bands, but this ain’t one of ‘em. SWAGGER is a 4-piece group that exploded right out of the gate in 2022 with a unique idea that’s resonated big time with audiences at every venue: a high-energy live rock band that can segue instantly from a reimagined rock version of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” to a searing take on Alanis Morrisette’s “You Oughta Know,” with liberal doses of reimagined, danceable hits from Blondie, Pink, Pretty Reckless, Gwen Stefani, and more. You might even catch them throwing in their own cover of Deep Purple’s “Highway Star” or a punked-out version of Dion’s “Teenager in Love.” Eclectic and electric onstage, pulling this repertoire off requires A+ level musicianship and vocals, and this band brings both and then some to every gig. You pick the place. We’ll bring the SWAGGER!


Lead Vocals

Like a lot of singers, our fantastic frontwoman started singing in church, and by 8 years old was taking formal instruction and performing as one of the youngest-ever members of The New Approach, a hugely popular touring vocal group. Her late, beloved brother, mentor and full-time musician Jimmy helped her gain her trademark onstage confidence in her powerful pipes and incredible vocal range. By 13 she was a back-up vocalist for The Souvenirs, Jimmy’s busy country band. Jules wowed audiences in Ronnie and the Revelations, the Bop Patrol, Magik, Dr. Seuss, and beginning in the mid-90s collaborated with Mike on multiple popular projects, ranging from blues to Christian rock. She and Mike conceived the idea for Swagger when on a whim, she sang a few songs with Mike’s former band, Lancaster-based The Usual Suspects. The experience reminded them that their musical chemistry was too good to be denied, and a new band was born – their best one ever.



Drummer and Swagger leader/co-founder started banging on empty coffee cans at 3 years old and when his parents couldn’t handle that anymore, they sent him for drum lessons when he turned 6 so they could finally have some peace and quiet. Various instructors tolerated Mike for the next dozen years. He played his first paying gig at 13, earning a whopping $28 and immediately declaring he’d had so much fun he would have done it for free, a declaration that in retrospect wasn’t the smartest. He’s been performing steadily ever since in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York, playing genres ranging from hard rock to big band, drumming and singing with too many popular bands to list. Mike co-founded Swagger with Jules, his longtime friend, collaborator, and frontwoman, and considers it the best band he’s ever had the honor of leading.



Swagger’s bassist extraordinaire is actually a triple-threat, handling sound engineering and stage lighting at most of our gigs. This guy has serious, elite-level credentials in both areas. Vern recorded and toured with guitar virtuoso Greg Howe in the band Howe II from 1987 to 1994 and was a sound engineer for a major live sound production company, handling the front of house mix for Creed, Rare Earth, and others. When he’s not holding down the Swagger groove, he can often be found teaching budding commercial refrigeration technicians at Northampton Community College or recording in his home studio.



Our Easton born-and-bred guitarist started shredding at just 10 years old and prior to Swagger, he and Vern performed with the very popular Anderson Council. Rick is the quiet one in the band because every band needs at least one to allow the other musicians the time they need to make sure that no thought, regardless of how random it may be, goes unspoken. He lets his many guitars do the talking for him onstage, and offstage, he enjoys reading, hiking, and immersing himself in his goal of replicating every note and chord from every Beatles and Zeppelin song ever recorded.