Darren Thomas McGuire

At home both on stage and in the studio, Darren is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and music educator, dividing his time between his native Lehigh Valley and adopted homebase of Los Angeles.

Adept at a number of instruments from  guitar to the tubular bells, Darren primarily focuses on bass. His touch and tone have earned him hundreds of bookings for stage and studio work, as well as recognition by the legendary Fender Guitars, who've named him as bass instructor on their Fender Play online teaching app.

In addition to his stage, session, and educational work, he releases his original music under the name DTMcG. His first single, 'To Have And To Hold' is available now on all major streaming outlets. 


New Single- Chasing After You- October 21

Hailing from Sparta NJ and born in the true garage band tradition, lifeboat stuns with a sound years beyond what's expected from high school students. In a matter of months since first getting in front of a crowd, they've managed to pack rooms and navigate the studio to prepare a string of upcoming original releases.

Anthony (vocals/guitars), Rémi (vocals/bass), Abigail (vocals/guitars), Sawyer (keys) and Ryan (drums)

The Moondogs

Retro hits from the 60's-80's

From the Mind of Nicholas Capozzolo to the stage, The Moondogs are a collection of seasoned musicians playing the best music from the 60's, 70's and 80’s. Their live performance is filled with improvised grooves and 4 part harmony. Nicholas leads the band on the Rickenbacker bass guitar and vocals. Ruben Ariola, one of the founding members holds down the grooves behind the kit and adds a soulful vocal to the mix. Greg Martins joined the band in 2018 adding keys to the mix and a smooth vocal that will take you to the yacht! Steve Collins joined the band shortly thereafter bringing his lead guitar chops and blues vocals! We will take you from 60's folk rock and motown to the wonderful world of yacht rock and everything in between. We leave you with one guarantee... By the end of every show, you will have heard music that you love and have never heard performed live and you will Howl!!